Login to your Concrete5 website

Before you can do anything “under the hood” of concrete5 you will need to log in as a user or administrator. This short guide shows you how and where to log in and what to do if something goes wrong.

Step 1. Load your website and look around for a login link

Because the flexibility the Concrete5 system allows the designer, I can’t tell you for sure where the log in link, if any, will be located on your custom website. The best I can do is have you look around, usually towards the bottom of the page for something that tells you to “log in to edit”, or “sign in”.

Step 2. If you can’t find the link, type in the address directly.

If for some reason your theme does not have a log in link then you can simply type the address of the login page into your browser directly. Go to your address bar and type in the following: http://yourwebsite.com/index.php/login/

This should bring the log in page up. Now might be a good time to bookmark this page because you will be accessing it frequently.

Step 3. Enter your login credentials

Here you will enter the username, or email address, depending on the prompt.. and password to log into your website. If someone else developed your site they should have given you this information. If you installed the website, the username is “admin” and the password was given to you when you installed Concrete5.

The “Remember Me” button will keep you logged into the website until you click the “Sign Out” button at a later time.

If you have forgotten your username or password, try entering your email address into the bottom box. If your email address matches a user registered with the site, it will send you an email with your log in credentials.

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