Editing Concrete5 Pages

Step 1. Access your websites Sitemap

Login to your website as an administrator and access the dashboard. Navigate to the Sitemap page to have a look at your existing pages.


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Step 2. Locate the file you want to duplicate

Using the sitemap, navigate through the page hierarchy and find the page you want to base your new page on. If a page has a + sign next to it, there are subpages beneath that page. Click the + sign to reveal the subpages.


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Step 3. Make a copy of the page

After you have located your source page we need to duplicate it. Hover your mouse over the pages icon, your mouse cursor should change to indicate that the object is moveable (4 headed arrow). Left click and drag the page icon onto the pages parent. The pages parent in our example is “Grease”.


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Step 4. Create the copy

In the Move/Copy window select “Copy” , if the page you are duplicating has subpages (children) of it’s own, make sure you have those copied over as well if desired. Then click “Go”


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Step 5. Verify you successfully copied the page

Look beneath your parent page and verify you successfully copied the page. The name should be the same as the original page with a “2” appended.


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Step 6. Modify the new pages properties

Left click the new page and select “Properties”. This will allow you to change important aspects of your copy to make it unique.

Start with the “Standard Properties”.  Here you should change the Page Name and Description.


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Step 7. Change the Canonical URL

One the next tab, change the canonical url (what people type into the web browser to access the page) into something more representative of the new page.


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Step 8. Change your custom attributes and save

On the next tab you can change any custom attributes you have assigned. In this case, you would need to change the Meta Title Tag. When you are finished editing your new page properties click the Save button.


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Step 9. View your new page and edit its content

Now that the page properties are take care of, you can click the page and select view. Go into edit mode and make your new page unique. If your web designer did his job, all of your navigation menus and listings should automatically update to reflect the page.

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